Hi, I’m Link and I live and breathe tech.

The first computer in my house was a Timex Sinclair 1000. It was replaced with the venerable Commodore 64, which was the first computer we used for dial-up networking. My first experience as an IT admin was on my brother's PC bulletin board at the end of the 80s. 

High school brought exposure to classic Macs with their fancy GUI. University was my first exposure to UNIX systems and the internet.

I used a 286 running DOS for most of the 90s before eventually teaching myself networking. Having a system always online via DSL was my first real-world introduction to the importance of cybersecurity on my own systems. 

At the end of the 90s I was working in a call center providing technical phone support for HP DeskJet printers.  Having gone straight from DOS to Windows 98 and Linux on my own PCs, that job was my first exposure to Windows 3.1.

With no opportunity for further technical advancement in that position, I switched gears and spent the next decade plus in telecom, cutting my teeth in new facilities. Those years on the road landed me a position as field technician. 

In Boise I worked with a company who embraced a decentralized approach which provided me with an opportunity to become a network technician. I primarily built internet and data services, although both VOIP and legacy switches were also part of the job.  

During my tenure in telecom, I retained my passion for server management, and that led me back to IT.

My cousin asked me if I’d ever thought about hanging my own shingle to help other businesses with their internal IT and I said, well, yes. That is when Epic Network was born. I am now a part of The ASCII Group, the oldest and largest independent IT community in the world. I continued my education becoming a SUSE Certified Administrator in Enterprise Linux in 2016, MS-900.1 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals, and continued training with Google Workspace. I am also a Xero certified advisor with experience integrating the accounting software with other productivity tools.

I’ve also learned by owning my own business and wearing all the hats, whether or not I have the necessary skill, that being in charge of everything can be difficult. That is how I know that doing IT, cybersecurity, technology and web services is critical to any business and it really should be delegated to guys like me.

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